Bachelor Party

Have an unforgettable and unique bachelor party in Wrocław on an elegant yacht. Unless you prefer to sit in a pub, surrounded by crowds of strangers. This could work as well. But since you are already reading this, you know that you want something different. Something that will make this evening an epic one. Surprise the guests by inviting them on our yacht and cruise on the Oder river with your favorite music in the mess. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing – or at least, do if after the cruise. Take the future husband on an extravagnt cruise around Wrocław city and have a unique experience for the whole crew to remember fondly. Take wonderful photos to show to your future in-laws and those that you can show to your colleagues on the terrible Monday morning that will inevitably follow. Cruise on a yacht:
If you get hungry:
After the cruise, we will disembark in the city center, where you can continue the fun. Of course, instead of a one-night bachelor party, you might prefer a bachelor weekend on the river. If none of your friends has a motor boat helmsman certificate you can hire a skipper or sign up for a course. Call us and let us tak care of all the details. Is there anyhing more cool that a yacht charter on the Odra river?