Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer training on boating safety?2017-04-03T12:28:07+00:00

Yes. This training is also required by the resolution of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, which states that the training on boating safety is to be conducted by the owner of the yacht that is to be chartered or by an authorized representative. The training costs PLN 250.

What requirements must I meet to charter a yacht from cruzeo?2017-04-03T12:28:07+00:00

According to Article 37a, par 5 of the Act on Inland Navigation, you must undergo training on boating safety. This training is mandatory for every person who intends to charter a yacht and cruise on it.

If I do not own a certificate can I charter a yacht from cruzeo?2017-04-03T12:28:10+00:00

Definitely! Even if you do not own a motorboat helmsman certificate, you can charter one of our yachts. It is perfectly legal and in accordance with Polish law, in particular, with article 37a of the Act on Inland Navigation, which statest that you do not need any certificates of competence if you are cruising on yachts whose engine power does not exceed 75 kW, and whose length does not exceed 13m.

What exactly is a one-day yacht charter2016-07-02T20:01:46+00:00

A one-day yacht charter means that you must return the boat on the same day that you chartered it. For example, if you charter a yacht for one day on Friday, you must return it on Friday evening. The exact time and date for returning the yacht are stated in the yacht charter agreement, but we can assume that the day ends at sunset. In the summer this is around 8 pm.