Motor helmsman course

Cruzeo recommends safe motor helmsman courses in Wrocław.

Workload: Theoretical course on-line at home, practical training + exam (1 day)

What’s inside the online course

For the first time in Poland, theoretical contents are presented in an online, interactive form. „Dry” theory was replaced by practical knowledge, which you can access in the evening while sipping your favorite coffee, and after you pass the exam, you can always return to the online course and refresh your memory at any given time. There are movie clips, animations, 3D models and you can consult the instructors.
What’s inside the practical training?

We are the only instructors on the market to offer 8 hours of cruising on the biggest yacht with the best engine. Most of all, we teach practical skills in boat handling with an emphasis on locking, berthing and leaving berth. You will also have the chance to cruise at full speed – after all, it is supposed to be fun.

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