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The Nexus offered by is a cruise motor yacht for 4-6 people, with a modern silhouette and a pleasant interior. The unit is easy to steer and use and it is equipped with high-quality accessories. The residential features of Nexus include a spacious mess room with a spacious galley, almost 2 m of height in the interior, numerous lockers, shelves and a cabinets, and a toilet cabin. On the sun deck in the front of the yacht there is space for sunbathing, which makes the Nexus ideal for relaxing in the bosom of nature. Moving around the unit is facilitated by a wide half-deck and a spacious cockpit, which can accommodate up to 10 people. Beds for six people are located in two double bunks and an additional double bunk in the mess, available after folding the table.


Courier from is a motor yacht with a luxurious finish, rich equipment and a streamlined silhouette. It will certainly be appreciated by enthusiasts of active recreation and users who care about comfort. This yacht is ideal for sailing and living and provides comfortable living conditions for two families. The boat is steered lightly and efficiently, and port maneuvers are easier thanks to an additional jet thruster. The unit is adapted to all conditions and a comfortable and spacious cockpit will accommodate the entire crew on comfortable and soft sofas.


Timothy is the largest motor yacht offered by with high quality accessories and exotic wood finish. This luxury unit is designed for 10 people, although it can easily accommodate more. Due to its size, this yacht is perfect for organizing various business parties and events. You can even organize a small concert on it. In 4 cabins there is accommodation for 10 people. Despite its dimensions, this yacht is extremely economical, burning only 4l of oil per hour. For those who value comfort and space, this is the perfect choice for long cruises on the Oder.